Professional Burglar Alarm Installation vs. DIY: Evaluating Costs, Benefits, and Risks

February 9, 2024
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In today’s world, it goes without saying that every home and business should have, at the minimum, basic security solutions installed. These may include burglar alarms, intercom systems, fire alarms, access security solutions, etc. While it is generally a standard practice to have these systems installed by a professional outfit, these days, options also exist for DIY or Do-It-Yourself installations. In today’s post, we will compare the benefits of professional burglar alarm installation versus DIY solutions. We will also compare other factors such as cost, quality of installation, customization options, support, and other long-term considerations. We believe such a comparison will help you make better decisions as an end user.

DIY or do-it-yourself burglar alarm installations can be a practical, cost-effective option to consider in some scenarios. However, as we will come to show, their effectiveness may vary depending on the device and may still have vulnerabilities.

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In the next section, we will take an in-depth look at professional burglar alarm system installations versus DIY installations.

Professional Burglar Alarm Installation vs. DIY Burglar Alarm Installation

In this section, we will discuss general issues, pros, and cons of burglar alarm installation, while comparing them against professional and DIY installations.

  1. Installations: With professional burglar alarm installations, one is guaranteed expert service, with options for upgrades and additional security services. These services are generally provided after a robust site review to identify vulnerabilities and provide appropriate security solutions. DIY installations on the other hand require a personal review and determination of what security device is needed. They may also not be installed in compliance with standard security codes or may be set up with security blind spots that create vulnerabilities.
    DIY installations are generally more cost effective and allow for hands-on control of one’s security installation. However, unlike professional service packages that require specific solutions, DIY installations allow one the flexibility to choose what security solution is needed.
    Finally, professional burglar alarm installations typically include a warranty for reliable service and devices. DIY installations on the other hand may have a significant learning curve and pose an installation challenge to non-tech savvy users.
  2. Cost: For smaller installations, DIY burglar alarm installation may be cheaper with the purchase of fewer devices. However, professional installations have the benefit of getting high-end security devices directly from the manufacturer at wholesale prices. This may turn out to be a benefit for larger projects such as in office and commercial projects. It is also worth noting that DIY installations on larger projects may end up costing more because wholesale discounts are not available to individual clients. In addition, professional installations sometimes cover the cost for replacement of faulty devices which are not covered in DIY situations.
  3. Customizations and Flexibility: With DIY installations, clients usually have flexibility in selecting any device and feature for their project. On the other hand, professional installations typically begin with a site review to determine the best solutions for identified security issues. While this has the benefit of addressing the most urgent security issues, it also means that future additions will also require professional support.
    With DIY installations, while initial setup may be easy, additions to existing installations may become complicated, especially when trying to identify compatible devices. This could also lead to extra spending to fix earlier unidentified issues or unknowingly picking more expensive devices.
  4. Support: Generally, with DIY installations, external support is not available. This also includes unavailability of support for services like 24/7 monitoring, troubleshooting issues and replacement of faulty devices. Professional installations on the other hand typically include warranties, support options for replacement of defective devices, troubleshooting assistance, maintenance updates for security devices, etc. Clients can also rely on professional support for upgrade recommendations, 24/7 monitoring, site checks, and reports of break-ins and triggered alarms to relevant authorities.
  5. Long Term Considerations: Generally, professional installations typically include manufacturer warranties for both security equipment and services. DIY installations on the other hand usually only include manufacturer warranties. In addition, professional installations may also include ongoing monitoring services to enhance security. These options may not be included in DIY installations and users are directly responsible for keeping security device firmware up to date.

In conclusion, determining whether a professional burglar alarm or DIY installation is better will depend on several factors as highlighted above. While for simpler projects, DIY solutions tend to be cheaper, with larger projects professional burglar alarm installations are better in the long run. Besides this, professional installations also come with 24/7 support, monitoring services, device warranties for replacements and a host of other features.

As we conclude this post, we would like to remind that Access Security Solutions LLC provides professional burglar alarm installation services for homes and businesses. To get started, simply contact us online, by phone at +1 510 356 0083 or request a quote here. You can also visit us on social media on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.