CCTV Security Cameras with Audio and their Benefits

August 15, 2023
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In today’s technology-driven world, CCTV security cameras play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of one’s home and commercial properties. These technological advancements have now extended the options available with standard CCTV security cameras to include a wide range of features. For example, CCTV solutions now include options for audio, video feed encryption, remote viewing, and even remote door controls. In today’s post, we will discuss CCTV security cameras with audio and their benefits.

In the last few decades since they were introduced, video security surveillance solutions have proven to be invaluable to businesses. In fact, security footage can be used for several purposes besides basic security. For example, they could be used to record incidents in the home or workplace. However, since their invention, they have been lacking in the sense that they only came with video coverage. With the availability of CCTV security cameras with audio one can get an additional layer of security by capturing sounds in an area. In the following sections, we will take a quick look at what audio surveillance security cameras are, how they differ from standard CCTV cameras and their benefits.

As we’ve already pointed out, security cameras, with or without audio, installed in your home or business are necessary. Besides the fact that they help monitor business activities, they also serve as a deterrence to crime. If you are in the market for modern security cameras for your home or business, we encourage you to contact us online today or give us a call at +1 510-356-0083. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a quote for your security camera installation.

What are Audio Surveillance Security Cameras?

Audio surveillance security cameras are CCTV security cameras with audio. In more technical terms, they are a type of security camera solution that captures both video and audio footage. These cameras are designed to enhance home and business security measures by providing an additional layer of surveillance through sound monitoring. This additional feature could provide valuable evidence in, for example, investigations, or in identifying what suspected thieves said.

In general, CCTV security cameras with audio are typically used by businesses and residences and sometimes, where appropriate, in public spaces, and government facilities. They are however used with caution in public places to avoid violating the privacy of individuals. In such cases, when they are used, signs are also posted, informing of their presence.

In business and residential settings, audio surveillance security cameras can be used to monitor employee interactions and customer service and provide audio that may help identify intruders during an incident.

Benefits of Audio Surveillance Security Cameras

The inclusion of audio features in standard security camera solutions offers several benefits. Some of them are highlighted below:

  1. Robust Evidence: Having clear audio and video recordings from a break-in or theft can prove to be valuable, especially if legal action needs to be taken. Such surveillance footage can help provide reliable evidence that is “beyond reasonable doubt”.
  2. Enhanced Security: Most standard CCTV solutions have options to record video footage. However, sometimes, without audio accompaniment, it may be difficult to identify voices, irregularities and offscreen incidents.
  3. Live Monitoring and Response: Another benefit audio surveillance security cameras provide over standard CCTV security is faster reaction times from public officials. With live monitoring, security staff can also keep track of what is going on before help arrives.
  4. Increased Awareness: By incorporating audio into one’s home or business security system, one can become better aware of happenings in one’s neighborhood. This also ensures that suspicious activity doesn’t go unnoticed, and action can be taken quickly, if necessary.
  5. Remote Accessibility: The final benefit of CCTV cameras with audio that we will highlight today is remote access. By allowing access to one’s business or home security cameras, one can monitor on goings at any time from a safe location.

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To conclude, every home and business needs a security camera solution. However, an even better security solution would be a CCTV security camera with audio.

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