Six Ways Video Intercoms can keep you Safe

May 22, 2023
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These days, Home and Business Security Solutions are becoming more of a requirement than an option for safety. This may be attributed to several factors, including the constantly growing market of new security solutions and technologies. Among these emerging modern security solutions, one of the foremost is Video Intercoms systems. In this post, we will discuss what a Video Intercom system is, its benefits and six practical ways they can keep you safe.

Video Intercoms are not exactly modern technology. Rather, they are based off telephone-based Intercom technology, which was first patented in 1894. Originally, they were designed for voice communication within or between buildings in a small area. They were later extended to include connections to loudspeaker systems, and control of light signals and door latches. Today, Intercom systems still include door latch control, voice communication, one-way and two-way video access. This way, one can see who is being communicated with or given access to a building.

In the following sections, we will take a closer look at what Video Intercoms are and their benefits. However, before we get started, we would like to remind that this is a security solution we provide at Access Security Solutions LLC. To get started with video intercoms systems for your home or commercial property, contact us online, by phone at +1 510 356 0083 or simply request a quote.

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In the next section, we will look at what video intercoms are.

What is a Video Intercom?

Like we said earlier, Video Intercoms Systems are a type of intercom system that includes a video component. With this video component, users can see and speak with the person outside their door or gate before opening it. These intercommunication devices come in a variety of options, from small doorbell-style units to larger-sized intercom systems that feature video, audio, and other features. They can be installed as wired or wireless solutions, or a combination of both.

Benefits of Installing a Video Intercoms System

Video intercoms are becoming a rather popular security feature for many homes and businesses. Here are some of the benefits they provide:

  1. The convenience of seeing and communicating with people at one’s door or gate from a safe location. For large homes and commercial properties, it also offers the convenience of being able to open doors and gates remotely. This also allows for improved security.
  2. Video Intercoms can be integrated with existing security systems and automated solutions, allowing users to control their security system, lights, and other automation devices right from the intercom.
  3. Video Intercoms can also be connected to mobile devices, allowing users to respond to access requests from any remote location, and not just from within the property.
  4. Another advantage they provide is the ability to monitor and record ongoing activity around one’s home or business. This means one can stay aware of activity outside one’s home, from a safe location.   
Four Ways Video Intercoms can keep you Safe

Smart phone technology and recent technological advancements have revolutionized the way we can connect to business or home security systems. These developments now allow for remote access, monitoring, and control of one’s home right from one’s phone. In combination with video intercoms systems, they can enhance one’s security options, secure one’s family, and keep businesses safe.

Here are four ways video intercoms can help keep you, your family and business safe:

  1. Increased Safety and Security Features: Video intercoms have a range of features that make home and business safety easier to achieve. For example, they can be used to remotely control appliances, heating, and lights, keeping homes energy efficient and safe. In addition, they can connect to other security solutions one has to provide a comprehensive security solution. 
  2. Remote Monitoring: Most video intercoms come with software or apps that alert you with activity notifications. These could be from motion detectors or when the doorbell is rung. 
  3. Improved Communication with Guests: Video intercoms are also convenient, as they allow one to communicate with and see guests before giving them access.
  4. Enhanced Convenience: Another way video intercoms help keep one safe is through their two-way audio capabilities. With two-way audio and video capabilities, one can communicate with visitors while not at home or at work. This can be especially helpful if a package is being expected or if repairs need to be made when one is not on the premises.   

Without a doubt, video intercoms systems can add a much-needed extra layer of security and convenience to one’s existing security solutions. By simply being able to see what is going on, or who is at one’s door, one can better protect oneself, family, and business.

Our company, Access Security Solutions LLC, provides service, installation, and maintenance services for both standard and video intercoms systems. If you are in the market for a these security solutions, we encourage you to contact us today for a customized solution for your specific needs. You may also contact us over the phone at 510-356-0083 or on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn today.