Fire Alarms and Life Safety

Fire Alarms and Life Safety Systems alert building occupants of the potential fire and gas leakages.

Fire Alarms and Life Safety Systems use audiovisual systems to alert people of possible carbon monoxide, and gas leaks, including smoke and fire dangers. In addition, fire alarm systems interconnect with other systems to alert Fire Departments and other public safety services of detected dangers. At Access Security Solutions LLC, our goal is to provide professional fire alarm services, detection, inspections, and maintenance services. We also provide service for life safety alarms, building alarms, and home security systems.
Round the Clock Fire Protection from Access Security Solutions LLC

Round-the-Clock Fire Protection

Fire Alarm Systems provide monitored protection for Homes and Businesses, while notifying appropriate persons of any detected issues.
Rapid Response

Rapid Response

Depending on your service type, Fire Alarm and Life Safety Systems can also be tied into local fire stations to trigger an immediate help response.
Life Safety

Life Safety

Fire Alarms installed by Access Security Solutions LLC monitor and protect the lives of family members at Home or Business employees. Keeping you safe is our top priority.

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