Five Best Business Security Solutions

November 30, 2022
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If you run a business, you probably understand how important business security solutions are to the success of your company. Think about it for a minute. When you buy a security system for your business, you’re buying more than just tech or software. In fact, you’re buying peace of mind and a secure future for yourself, your employees, and your company. The question though is how to choose the right security solution for your business.

It’s interesting to note that not all business security solutions are the same. Some provide access control, CCTV recording, or burglar alarm systems. But how about other things like having monitored CCTV surveillance or an alarm system that contacts local authorities when triggered? What if you would like to access six months of recorded CCTV data or view business activities from your phone?  In truth, choosing an efficient security solution for your business can be a daunting task without the right information. Thankfully, you’ve got us at Access Security Solutions LLC for that.

In our post today, we will share some of the most important security solutions every business should have. We will then share five of the best business security solutions available today and how you can get them.

Most Important Business Security Solution Needs

In general, all businesses exist to serve two very broad purposes; to solve a problem and to make money. When we consider business security solutions from this perspective, the following security needs become apparent:

  1. All businesses need a way to monitor their day-to-day business activities. This could include customers, employees, and general store activity, even when the store is closed.
  2. Businesses need security solutions to prevent unauthorized access to certain areas of the store. This may also include securing company products and equipment from removal without permission.
  3. They need solutions that can notify staff and relevant authorities of unauthorized access throughout the day, even at night.
  4. They also need fire, water, and other forms of safety alarms to prevent loss of life in the work environment

While this list is in no way exhaustive, it does highlight areas of concern for most business owners.

Five Best Business Security Solutions

So how do you get the right kind of security services for your company? In this section, we will share links to five security solution providers that you may wish to consider.

  1. Simplisafe
  2. Vivint
  3. ADT
  4. Brinks
  5. Frontpoint Security

Kindly note that all these service providers offer business security solutions for office spaces, large indoor and outdoor areas, multiple locations, monitoring services, etc. It’s also worth noting that most top-notch services today require a recurring monthly subscription. The subscription typically covers such things as replacement of faulty security devices, monitoring services and customer support.

How to get a Business Security Solution

We live in a world today where access to technology is readily available to almost everyone. For example, there are security solutions that allow businesses to buy and set up their own security solutions. However, such solutions often tend to end up with a less than optimum setup. Without the right training, a business could end up with multiple CCTV blind spots a burglar could take advantage of.

As an alternative, our recommendation is for businesses to contact professional security solution providers like Access Security Solutions LLC for setup. Starting with an in-store survey, we will recommend appropriate hardware and software to meet your specific requirements. In addition, our trained security technicians will handle all hardware installations and setups for your company. Finally, if desired, we will also handle security monitoring for your business location also.

To put it simply, we can help you take the guesswork out of your decision on a business security solution. To find out more about our services and consultation options, please contact us online, on on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, or by phone at (+1) 510-356-0083.